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She Keeps My Tractor Clean


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Bagge Band

".... here is a collection of songs - some blues, some country, some rock (and roll), even a folk tale. Most are stories.

I didn't plan my route here. It happened...."

The Chinese Handbag Thief

with Chris Belshaw (bass),

Paul Jobson (keys),

Ed Spevock (drums) &

Eddie Armer (harmonica, mandolin)

Nigel Bagge

& Eddie Armer

acoustic duo

recorded live

Cold Comfort      1978

Highway 61       1988

Highway 61       1989

Nicky Moore’s Blues Corporation 1994

Nicky Moore’s Blues Corporation 1995

Angela Brown & the Mighty 45s  1997

Duck Soup         2001

Nigel Bagge & Pete Shaw  2002

Duck Soup         2003  

Nigel Bagge & Eddie Armer    2003

Nigel Bagge        2005         

Angela Brown & the Mighty 45s  2006

Nigel Bagge & Eddie Armer    2009

Mike Estes        2010    

Nigel Bagge       2012

In The Can!

Talk To Me

Further On Up the Road

Just Got Back

Holding On

Thinking Out Loud

Soup Official

Bagge & Shaw  

What the Duck!


The Chinese Handbag Thief

I’m In a Dangerous Mood

She Keeps My Tractor Clean

The Horse Trader

Didn’t Plan My Route Here

with Grant Tunbridge (bass), Ed Spevock (drums) and guest appearances from Eddie Armer (harmonica), Julian Greaves (sax)  

Paul Jobson (keys) & Mike Piggott (violin)

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Bagge & Armer
Bagge Band
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